Humanitas School

Humanitas’ Internal Academy

… Was born to promote and follow the personal and professional development of all employees. Each of our professionals can access Humanitas School courses by attending specialization classes according to their professional field or by choosing them from the catalog upon the approval from their Head of Department. The ever-evolving process includes technical and professional, management and soft skills building, and compulsory training.


  • Clinical Audit and Quality Indicators

  • Grand Rounds Humanitas Cancer Center

  • Ecography Point of Care

  • Multidisciplinary meetings

  • Scientific English

Compulsory Training

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Security Officer role

  • Criminal Responsibility of Corporations

  • Privacy Responsibility

  • (Law 231 & Law 196)

Soft Skills

  • Difficult Communications in Medical Practice

  • Lean training

  • Project management

  • Public speaking


  • Performance management

  • Exam and Feedback

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