“More than 2000 people work in Humanitas, in a very dynamic, youthful and international ambience.”

Humanitas Research Hospital

Who we are

Humanitas is a highly specialized Hospital, Research Center and Higher Education Facility. Inside the Policlinic, accredited by the National Healthcare, we have Centers specialized in cancer treatments; cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic diseases treatments, as well as an Eye Center and a Fertility Center. Humanitas also has a highly specialized Emergency Department (original: EAS). Recognized by the Ministry of Health as an Institute for Research and Health Care (original: IRCCS), Humanitas is a global reference point for research in immune system related diseases, from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis.

What makes us special

  • Professional growth

    Our pathways of professional growth are based on our merit and verified through a system of evaluation of our results and our potential. Our performance-management model, particularly innovative for the Italian healthcare sector, is organized in four different dimensions: clinical, scientific, organizational and behavioral.

  • Humanitas School

    Working in Humanitas means having constant opportunities for personal and professional development by self-growth and collaborating with the best professionals in each sector (Humanitas School).

  • The Hospital, the Research, the University

    We are recognized by the Ministry of Health and the Region of Lombardy as one of the best Centers on a national level, distinguished by the quality of the health care and the ability to apply the results of research and innovation into practice in our everyday activities (original: IRCCS). We are also a Higher Education Institute.

  • Global profile

    More than 2000 people work in Humanitas, in a very dynamic, youthful and international ambience. Our professionals put a lot of energy and passion into their work within a state-of-the-art organization that has the patient and his/her needs in the centre of interest.

  • Collaborations

    We promote the development of international collaborations and teamwork experiences among different people and professional profiles. We also favor the mobility between our facilities in Milan, Bergamo, Castellanza, Catania and Turin.

  • Diversity Management

    Humanitas recognizes and values the differences. The diversity management policies put in the centre the person, encouraging him/her to express his/her potential. For the female staff, when returning from maternity leave, we organize a welcome-back day to help their reintegration into the working environment.


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